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Teddy Mountain® strives to provide its' customers with the best quality products at the best possible price. 

We work very hard to provide high-quality goods at all times and manage each production cycle with detailed inspection process procedures. However, due to the nature of the “unstuffed” business, this makes it more difficult to identify defects prior to stuffing. While we take additional Quality Control measures to ensure defects are minimal, they do sometimes occur. Teddy Mountain stands proudly behind our products and will gladly issue credit for products that do not meet quality standards. We do however, ask for your help in gathering and documenting the details about the issue. These details not only help us to make corrections where necessary, they also provide us with the information to issue your credit as soon as possible.

Defects must be reported in a timely manner to receive credit. You will receive a Teddy Mountain credit note to your account after we have received required documentation. 


If you find a discrepancy with your order please notify us with the details within 24 hrs of receipt so that we can address it:

Phone: 1-877-480-2327


[email protected]